Pride Foundation of Maryland

Recognition of our legal and political rights didn't end our need for a strong, organized LGBT community. Our youth remain at high risk for homelessness. Many of our elders lack personal networks of support. LGBT parents face unique challenges. The transgender community is still underserved. And HIV is an ongoing epidemic.

The Pride Foundation is a tax-exempt organization that exists to support Maryland's LGBT community by promoting our history, our culture, and our general well-being. We provide support and resources for programs that celebrate who we are, and we facilitate the fundraising to make it happen.

We don't have staff salaries to pay or offices to maintain. We are a wholly volunteer organization. Our basic operating costs -- telecommunications costs and regulatory fees -- are covered by our Trustees. All other donations are directed to building the network of Maryland's LGBT community and to fostering the community-led projects that are consistent with the Foundation's mission.

If you would like to be involved in the Foundation's operations or if you have ideas for programming we can help support, please let us know. The more who join us, the more we will achieve.

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